Way of Harmony Marital Arts

Way of Harmony Martial Arts is teaching all aspects of the internal martial arts. Our approach is to be able to use the internal arts to increase health, assist in healing and to be able to apply internal principles to real fighting involving modern fighting arts of all kinds.

The open door school holds classes at Plymouth Church in Shaker Heights, OH taught by Kevin Lovas, 7th Level Red Sash, Bill Kohner and Jim Kepner both 5th Level Red Sashes.

Students 16 years and older of all levels from beginner to advanced are welcome. Classes are held Monday and Wednesday evenings. Tai Chi and Bagua forms are taught as are the martial application of those arts along with Qi Gong. Class@wayofharmony.com

The closed door school is located in Brooklyn Heights, OH where classes are taught by Joe Cavallaro, 8th Level Red Sash and founder of Way of Harmony Martial Arts. He is assisted by Reno Contipelli and Bill Kohner both 5th Level Red Sashes. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoon.

Admission to our closed door class is by application only. For these classes, we seek marital artists, with 5+ years of ranked experience, who are interested in training with a dedicated small group. Interested students can email a resume with contact information and preferably a video to us at Class@wayofharmony.com